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Re: Market $/hr pay Alberta Inspector.

Originally Posted by JJGilKap View Post
I am looking for some information on the hourly rates of pay for a CWB Level 2 inspector running quality lead for structural, within the oilfield working in Northern Alberta. Coded to B31.3, Z662, w47.1/w59(+CWB welding Sup).
10 years quality experience 10 years welding(superintendent)

I appreciate your support thank you.
All of the information regarding what code your using doesn't effect your rate (at least in the US).

Not sure what CWB Level II is comparable to as far as US qualifications, it seems/sounds similar to have a Level II NDT certification.

If it is comparable to a Level II NDT cert like here in the US approximately you would be looking at around $35-38/Hr USD, if it is comparable to the AWS CWI roughly $38-40/Hr USD. These are some what rough estimates for the structural realm, the highest I would say to expect would be mid $40's.

But other factors come in to play such as if pay will be at a day rate (if so how many hours is a "day" considered) perdiem included or not, ( a lot of companies will offer a lower hourly rate but a fairly high perdiem to offset, some offer pretty decent hourly and a shit perdiem) is mileage included if so from where to where and at what rate.
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